December 2013 Nowness premiere
November 2013 Post-production
September 2012 Location shoot

Bonnie Wright
Sophie Lowe

Ian Pettifer

Bonnie Wright captures chanteuse Sophie Lowe on a free-spirited joyride across Joshua Tree National Park - Nowness, Dec 2013

"The title of the track — Dreaming — became our inspiration; we simply daydreamed our way through the landscape. No shot list - instead, open minds and a willingness to allow nature to call the shots. Literally.

I chose to shoot in Joshua Tree for its ethereal qualities, the moon-like rock formations and the bizarre, twisted trees that scatter the environment.

My editor Ian Pettifer did an amazing job on this; I wanted him to scramble it just like a dream, allowing the viewer to float through this world with Sophie, joining her journey just as I did as a director.

I was honoured that Nowness chose to premiere my film."
— Bonnie Wright, May 2015