July 2014 LoveGold premiere
March 2014 Post-production
January 2014 Location shoot

Writer & Director
Bonnie Wright

Director of Photography
Arthur Loveday

Ian Pettifer

Matt Watson

Original Music
Lachlan Munro

LoveGold is an initiative by the World Gold Council with a simple mission - to celebrate the best that gold can be, and to take fine jewellery into the digital space. Content is king. Fade to Gold brings to life in film the interaction between two of the UK’s foremost artist-craftsmen, Gary Wright and Sheila Teague, and this subtle, flexible raw material.

"I wanted to show the entire alchemy involved in its creation from the beginning, filming molten gold flowing from a crucible, as well as naturally capturing reflections from the jewellers as they worked together."
— Bonnie Wright, June 2014

"Bon Bon Lumière handed us an exceptional product. Elegant, involving - a vivid demonstration of gold as the ultimate raw material, being shaped and formed into an idea, not just an ornament, by the hands of artists.
This tiny documentary - almost jewel-like in its own right - has been enthusiastically received around the world, especially in our largest markets of China, India and the USA, disparate consumers brought together by shared passion and digital media.
Working with Bonnie Wright was a delight, made more so by the quality of her company’s output."
— Sally Morrison, Managing Director at LoveGold, July 2014