PAPER Magazine 2018 premiere

Director of Photography
Peter Mosiman

Performance by
Nicola Collie

Gillian Altman

Executive Producer
Alli Maxwell

Record Label
Capitol Records

Jake Torchin

Dimitri Rajapakse

Thank you

Produced by BonBonLumiere



"Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson's new single 'Iguana Bird' evoked for me that new loneliness you feel in the wake of a break up, having spent every moment with someone you now have to create new memories that feel forced and out of touch with what you know," Wright tells PAPER about the track. "I was inspired by the dance scene in Jean Luc-Godard's film Bande à Part, most particularly Anna Karina's character, and the vulnerable beauty often explored in French cinema during the '60s. I have been an admirer of Los Angeles-based choreographer and dancer Nicola Collie for a while and it was such a joy to direct her in this enclosed world we created for the music video." - PAPER Magazine September 2018